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Hitler’s American Business Partners

Posted on YouTube by PrentissMcCabe . Length is 44 minutes.

The Third Reich has re-emerged!

An empire re-emerged over the span of more than a half-century to overthrow a democratic republic. This vanquished republic continues to be called “The United States of America”, but it is not the American republic of the U.S. Constitution. It took more than 60 years for the “defeated” empire of Nazism, known as “The Third Reich“, to capture the American republic with the help of Hitler’s admirers and silent partners in the U.S.A. The conspiracy started in 1947 with the replacement of the wartime O.S.S. by the Nazi-led C.I.A., in close collaboration with the state security establishment of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The empire in the making used Nazi and Fascist stay-behinds throughout Europe to corrupt governments, mastermind assassinations, and create a military alliance of the empire and its client states that would continue the work of the formerly-German Sicherheitdienst (SD, and now known as “Homeland Security”, which has incorporated America’s Schutzstaffel, which is still known as the “CIA”), Waffen-SS (the CIA under arms), Freikorps (private mercenary companies under various names such as “Blackwater”, which in Germany merged into the Strurmabteilung, or SA), Luftwaffe, and Wehrmacht.

Nazism differs from fascism (even Mussolini’s Fascism) in that it has a strong pseudo-religious dimension — one that attempts to replace the liberal traditions of the Abrahamic faiths with one based on “Aryan” supremacy and a redefinition of what it means to be human that far surpasses in predatory racism even Mussolini’s Italianità (Italian superiority) and Romanitas (Roman-ness).

The Antifascist Audio Archives (AFA) of the broadcasts of Dave Emory at Spitfirelist.com  — and, with some minor reservations, all of Dave Emory’s work — are highly recommended. I’m not happy, by the way, with the favoritism that Dave Emory has shown, since about 2002, toward the Nazi International-affiliated State of Israel and toward Barack Obama, and his singling out Germany as the nexus of Nazi policy. I’m convinced that Germany is a junior partner (like the State of Israel) and that the U.S. is the new Nazi homeland and home of today’s Nazi leadership. In some ways, Barack Obama is not unlike a few U.S. presidents of yesteryear (Theodore Roosevelt, for instance); but his fronting for what is now a well-established, albeit veiled, Nazi state with ties that go back to the Third Reich makes him a populist in the vein of Hitler (although Obama has none of the control over the bureaucracy that Hitler had, he being merely a front man).

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