Long-Term Strategies of the Enemy

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2 thoughts on “Long-Term Strategies of the Enemy

  1. For what it’s worth, here’s my take …
    Civilization always mixes the good with the bad. The Roman Empire introduced a system in which a republic protected the privileges of the patricians, but at the same time protected philosophy and religious liberty and provided the small farmers, merchants, and plebeian classes with a representative of their own – the plebeian tribune – who had an equal executive power with the two consuls. But the endless wars flushed the republic with slave labor, which ruined the non-patrician classes and forced them into serfdom. To represent the new social order, the republic was replaced with the empire, in which the only real power of the Senate lay in its privilege to grant divinity on the emperor or withhold it. Then an imperial family, the Flavians, promoted a new pacifist form of Judaism and converted its 200 imperial-cult temples and 1000 priests to what was later to become the Roman Catholic Church. Decades of decadence insued, in which human evolution favored psychopaths over healthy individuals. A thousand years of darkness then drove philosophy and science underground, only to be gradually overcome by an increasingly rational Protestantism.

    Then in the 17th century Pierre Gassendi rediscovered the Materialism of Epicurus of Samos, and the Age of Enlightenment was born in Europe. Thomas Jefferson (who was an Epicurean) and others in America, inspired by the works of the French and English Enlightenment thinkers, conspired to model a new nation on the Roman republic, but the American design favored the Patrician Senate, dominated as in the Republic’s last days by the slaveowning planters. In America, the Flavian creation (Christianity) played a decisive role in defeating the revolutionary impulses of the Civil War and eventually converting the new American Rome from a republic to an empire.

    Across the ocean, Enlightenment thinkers created in France a republic which served the aspirations of the plebeian classes (the proletarians). George Washington and John Adams served the interests of the American and English patricians (called in America the “burgesses” and in Europe the “bourgeois”) against those of most American revolutionaries by crushing popular revolt and siding with the English monarchy against the republicans of France. France stood alone and fell under a counterrevolution by the French bureaucracy (the Directorate) and Napoleon. European socialists, inspired by the original ideals of the Great French Revolution, went on to develop the Enlightenment philosophies into theories that would make Materialism the basis for a philosophy of emancipation of all the oppressed classes.

    The crowning point of this new synthesis was the work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (Marx did his doctoral dissertation on Epicurus) Their ideas took root foremost in Germany. In 1917 a war-weary Russia grasped Marx and Engels’ ideas as the model of a new revolutionary society; but, owing to the betrayal of the German Social Democrats and an invasion by two dozen European nations that set aside their differences to attack the new world-revolutionary proletarian state, the heartland of the revolution was crippled to the point to which it succumbed to a counterrevolution by the Russian bureaucracy rallying around Josef Stalin, who saved Russia at the cost of selling the revolution out to the bourgeois ruling classes of the West, and transforming Russia and the nations it was compelled by military necessity to liberate into totalitarian states. An abomination of Enlightenment ideals, not to mention Marxism.

    As the counterrevolutionary forces in society favored the conservative trends in Christianity (the Flavian creation), beginning with those arrayed around Martin Luther, and as the Holy Roman power centered in the Vatican plotted ceaselessly to counter the spread of Enlightenment ideals and any movement favoring the emancipation of the proletariat; a new alliance was fostered hoping to repeat the success of the Inquisition. The crowning point of this new world alliance was Nazism/Fascism, which was defeated on the battle field by the Soviet Union (14 major battles on the Eastern Front with 97% of the war’s major-battle casualties on all sides and 4 on the Western with 3%). The Anglo-Americans took the surrender of the Nazi military on the Western front, but not the civilian government – in fact, the post-FDR U.S. government invited Nazi S.S. General Reinhardt Gehlen to America to replace the O.S.S. with the C.I.A., which directed and funded the Nazi guerilla war in Eastern Europe against the U.S.S.R. which lasted until 1952. Gehlen’s Nazi spy network was later invited into the “new” (West) German government to become its secret service. FDR (a rather enlightened patrician) had been the target of an American fascist coup plot in 1934 centered on the Morgan Banking cartel (Listen here and here), and he had hoped to bring the German Nazi industrialists and bankers to trial at Nuremberg so that their trials would expose their U.S. and U.K. partners who had financed Hitler. There is some evidence that FDR was poisoned by a Russian fascist with the support of Winston Churchill. Listen here (the poison plot comes near the end).

    Since the beginning of the “Cold War”, the spy agencies of the U.S., U.K., and other NATO countries have worked with Nazi and Fascist “staybehinds” and their clandestine organizations to undermine enlightened democracy and promote fascism. A high point in their successes was reached with the administration of George W. Bush, from the same family which worked with Frick and Thyssen to fund and promote Hitler. Barack Obama’s administration, guided by the geopolitics of Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger, is a continuation of those who wish to see a re-emergent Third Reich. NATO has now restored Libya to Italian fascism and is embarking on a continuation of Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa to seize all Mideast oil and strangle Russia. Both the Israeli Likud and the Muslim Brotherhood have historic roots in European Nazism/Fascism, and are being used to further this re-emergent Reich. Dave Emory’s archived radio programs from 2007-2011 are a good source of anti-Nazi research. Of course, anyone with a knee-jerk response to “conspiracy theories” and without a serious bent to uncovering just where history has led us will be put off by all this.

    What I hope to get across is that history is a series of progressive movements in the direction of social progress and emancipation. Each opens a revolutionary path to the future; which, if thwarted by forces of reaction, plunges civilization into a period of decadence. No hierarchical social system lasts forever, and its decay warps human evolution – throwing up psychopathic personalities to feed off its putrefaction while driving healthy individuals and social tendencies into obscurity and oblivion. Reactionary forces rely on tried and proven methods such as fascism and those particular expressions of religion which serve their purposes.

    In the U.S. we have witnessed the demise of the old burgess republic and the emergence of an empire linked, quite literally and it takes some personal research to accept it, the Third Reich of Hitler, which is re-emerging through NATO and clandestine “think tanks” working for decades behind various Western governments. This Reich now seeks to recolonize Africa and drive the vast majority of the planet into serfdom or slavery, in the interest of patrician security. The fight against Nazism is an heroic struggle, and everyone who takes part in it can take pride in it. I have no doubt that we will be victorious. As the representatives of that impulse in history which brings civilization out of the darkness and into the light – not as isolated individuals – we can take the best from history and build on it in a way that is beyond the capacity of even the most cunning psychopath, who, typical to the species, lacks imagination.

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