Modern Strategies of the Enemy

This discussion is of the modern strategies of the enemy (or enemies) of the masses of people who want only to live in peace without dire want or threats to their health. By “modern” is defined here as post-1990, following the fall of the Soviet Union and emergence of the NATO nations as the world hegemon.

There are different views of the Left and Right, but there is also a lot of common ground. Abomi suggests that the concept we understand as “nation” has many shades of meaning. Nationhood is an ambiguous concept that takes in the whole spectrum of nationhood from the one end, in which it is a geopolitical entity that should employ realpolitik to advance the goals of the nation as a political entity against other nations; to the other, in which it is conceived as an embodiment of the individuals who view the nation as the expression of a unique ethnic or multiethnic culture sharing equal human rights and universal values with all other nations. It is in the first sense that Abomi views all nations as “abominations”. While defense of the political form of the “nation” can be viewed positively as a bulwark against transnational interests, Abomi suggests that in the final analysis the “nation” in this sense is at best the lesser of two evils and not easily differentiated from the transnational enemy in the case of powerful, and even weak, nations.


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