Devil’s Lexicon


(USA) One of the slightly greater than 1/1000th part of 1% of the population (about 5,000 persons) who own enough serious capital to decide everything for the rest of the population. Originally, those who had  the casual workers and small farmers fight a revolution for them so they could rule the colonial country without micro-management of the English burgess class and  Crown. Cited in rare history books as belonging to one or another “House of Burgesses” of the several colonies. Historically and socially equivalent to the French bourgeois, German Burger, and Latin American burgués.


(USA) One of the more than 99% of the population who don’t own sufficient capital and have to work, or who currently cannot find remunerative employment and have to live on the dole, or who never worked because they could never find employment because they could not list the first job on a résumé or because they came from generations who couid not find employment since their family farm was seized or their last working family member was a chattel slave. Also referred to as proletarians (“proles”), or plebeians (“plebes”) when stressing their lack of consciousness as workers (or when including the now-defunct farmer class)..

United Burgess States of America 

The collection of colonial Crown colonies which were “liberated” from the Crown by the colonial burgess class using local workers and farmers (the local plebeians) as cannon-fodder. Sometimes referred to as the United Snakes of Amerikkka.

Founding Burgesses 

The colonial burgesses who were able to pull off the scam described above. Referred to sardonically or ignorantly as the “Founding Fathers”.

Burgess Constitution  

(referred to by still-hoodwinked plebeians as “The Constitution”) The document enumerating the powers of the burgess parliamentary bodies created by the burgesses to establish and defend their rule over the worker and (now defunct) farmer classes. The plebeian classes are yet to write a constitution of their own which would defend their rights over against the burgesses.


Someone not of the middle class or a hoodwinked member of the working class who thinks that the burgesses got their wealth honestly and aspires to be like them.


Someone of African descent who knows that the burgesses got their wealth dishonestly and aspires to be like them.


Someone of African descent who shares the outlook of a yuppie out of self-delusion regarding the dishonesty of the burgesses. (sometimes referred to as an “Uncle Tom”)

burgess shill

One or another of the numerous petty political hacks or “professionals” (defined below) who serves the interests of the ruling burgess class over against the interests of his or her own class.


A deluded worker’s name for himself or herself, evidencing that the worker has been hypnotized by burgess speak which uses this title to break the bonds that this worker should share with his or her own class.

community service

(USA) Yuppie speak for opportunities to loot the community and get rich off the poor. Also used cynically by the burgesses for punishment service.


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