Operation Safe Haven

Dave Emory, Dark­ness at Sun­rise: The Inter­dic­tion of Oper­a­tion Safe Haven
Side 1
Side 2
How the operation to intercept Nazi capital flow out of Germany at the end of the war was thwarted by Allen Dulles, William “Wild Bill” Donovan, General Lyman Lemnitzer, Frank Wisner, and other agents of the U.S. financial and industrial elite. Also, how they foiled Franklin Roosevelt’s plan to try the German industrialists at Nuremberg and implicate their U.S. partners (and possibly had Roosevelt poisoned).


One thought on “Operation Safe Haven

  1. speaking of capital flow …. i have reason to believe it would be wise to get out of the eu … and i am thinking russia …
    could you recommend a knowledgeable person to consult in or near the Netherlands?

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