Nazi Crimes: Hitler’s and NATO’s

CIA Free Syrian Army terrorists hang child in public as warning

NATO’s Free Syrian Army  practices “humanitarian intervention” (Aotearoa)

“I don’t easily shock and men getting killed in wars is something that I have grown to accept hideous though it may be but when I see photo’s of children who have been hung merely for belonging to the wrong family I weep.

“The West are supporting the SFA (Syrian Freedom army). The rebels are armed and financed by the West because so we are told we need to help the Syrian people to liberate themselves from the horrible dictator.

“Again and again news reaches the outside world that the rebels we are assured are the good guys are as bad as the goons of the “Dictator” and while Assad never infringed on peoples rights to have serve their own faiths and have their own cultures within the greater state of Syria it seems that the “liberators” are hell bend on liberating only those of their own religion. That doesn’t seem much of a liberation at all for all of those who have to flee the homes they have lived in for many generations at peace with their neighbours.”
Aotearoa: a Wider Perspective website.



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