“I was an investment banker – I’ve never earned an honest living”– Key, 2012
John Key is the current Prime Minister of New Zealand

Posted on YouTube by N2trillion. Length is 2 minutes. Video was embedded in a post on Aotearoa: a Wider Perspective website.


Keiser Report: Semaphore of Fraud, episode 325, August 9

Controlled press responds to Max’s call for “silver vigilantes” to crash J P Morgan by buying silver  Max calls CFTC “captured regulator” Bart Chilton a “complete waste of time”. Says Jaime Dimon’s calls to his co-conspirators for raids on the silver market to depress the price amount to “a semaphore of fraud”. Wall Street brokerage houses are “hedged against law”. Says Jaimie Dimon and J P Morgan will be toppled the same way as Enron. Explains what LIBOR is. Later in the program, regulator-turned-whistleblower Paul Moore lays it all bare in devastating fashion. Says the banking crisis is an “inside job”. Says that the corporatocracy has driven 100 million people into poverty, and more people will die from this “holocaust” than in World War II.
Posted on YouTube by RussiaToday. Length is 26 miinutes.

“When injustice becomes LAW, rebellion becomes DUTY.” -Thomas Jefferson (contributed by a YouTube commenter)

Related: Whistleblower Paul Moore on Banking Reform

Posted on YouTube by  PositiveMoneyUK .UK Length is 21 miinutes.


Make paupers of your nation’s citizens to pay off a fraudulent debt?

Greeks along with the help of sympathetic economists of other countries move to form a Debt Audit Committee to expose how much of the Greek debt is illegitimate and odious, and how much repayment of the real debt should be made so as not to kill the nation. Posted on YouTube by CreativeCCCommons. Length is 1 hour 20 minutes. Click [CC] after start for captions in your language.

Related: Julian Assange interviews Rafael Corea, who appeared above.

Posted on YouTube by RT. Length is 26 minutes.



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