Operation Barbarossa: Latest News

Webster G Tarpley reports (July 24) on the latest defeat of the
NATO Nazi strategy to seize the Levant in their push into Central Asia

Infowars interview. Posted on YouTube by LudwigNosen.
Length is 35 minutes.

Earlier attempt by Operation Barbarossa to go through southern Russia

Report by Josef Goebbels’ Wochenschau June 6, 1941.
Posted on YouTube by ww2footage.
Length is 8 minutes.

How Operation Barbarossa is reported on by the NATO Nazi side today

Friends of CNN setting up report for Anderson Cooper’s 360 Show March 2012. Posted by TruthSyria.
Use CC for English captions.
Length is 7 minutes.

More evidence of Nazi-style reportage was exposed July 31, 2012
by Alex Jones’  Infowars website HERE.


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