NATO’s Global Mission

Retired Russian General says Russia will defend Iran and Syria
and states that Russia will be defending the world against fascism

Posted on YouTube by Qronos16, the News Guy. Length is 4 minutes.


“The Chicago NATO Summit: Preview and Perspective”

Posted on YouTube by GlobalResearchTV.  By Global Research staff researcher James Corbett. Length is 12 minutes.


“Pentagon policy is to encircle Russia with ballistic missile offense”
F. William Engdahl

Posted on YouTube by RT.  Length is 5 minutes.



One thought on “NATO’s Global Mission

  1. James Corbett returns to his original question at the end of the Global Research video: Why does NATO still exist and has grown much more active in recent years? There is a simple answer: NATO was never created as an organization to DEFEND non-“communist” member nations against a “communist menace” (which would be a defensive mission). Instead, its mission has always beem, from its inception, an OFFENSIVE one: namely, to aggressively promote the same mission as the Third Reich. The Third Reich’s mission was to promote world conquest for the Nazi homeland. Since the German homeland of Nazism was destroyed by Russian force of arms (costing 97% of the casualties on both sides in the major battles of the world war), the Nazi homeland had to be moved by secret arrangement to the United States (by way of Operation Paperclip and many, many other transfer arrangements involving Nazi personnel, technology, and finance). NATO took on the mission of the defeated German Nazi armed forces and spy networks; which was not primarily to defeat Stalinist "communism", which Nazi theorists in Germany and abroad KNEW was no "threat" to capitalist powers, but TO SPREAD NAZISM and so to assure Nazism's paymasters that REVOLUTIONARY communism would not arise to threaten their vested interests. A good source of the history is available on audio files at Dave Emory’s Anti-Fascist Archives.

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