The Albanian Crime State in Kosovo

St. Vitus Day 2012: police brutality and violations of
human rights of Serbs in Kosovo

NATO’s Nazi client state in Kosovo is ruled by a brutal Albanian-supremacist regime of international drug-traffickers which continues to disenfranchise non-Albanians, including Serbians and Gypsies, and which hides its continuing and past terrorism and genocide behind a propaganda umbrella provided by the United Nations, E.U., U.S., and other assets of re-emergent Nazism. The “Kosova” crime state was established to break up Yugoslavia and provide an important conduit for the U.S.-protected heroine coming from Afghanistan: a vital source of “black” funding for the re-emergent Third Reich under NATO and its directors in its new Heimat (homeland) in the U.S.A.

Nazi maps of wartime ally Albania and occupied Serbia



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