Weak Links in the Empire

NATO Nazi clients among the Gulf States

The feudal monarchies of the Gulf States are key oil suppliers and sources of capital funds for the Reich. They are also loyal hosts for NATO Nazi air and naval bases. Should the oil supply be cut off to the Nazi homeland and its key Nazi partner states in Europe, a crash of the financial markets of the Empire is a distinct possibility. NATO Nazi military bases in the Gulf States might also suffer serious logistic difficulties. And, what’s more, a major source of funds for the Empire’s terrorist legions in Libya and Syria might be cut off.  An equivalent setback to what the German Nazis experienced from the bombing of the Ploiești oil refineries in Romania or the loss of the Keroman Submarine Base in France could ensue.

Is Saudi Arabia on the edge of revolution?

Posted on YouTube(c) by PressTVGlobalNews. Length is 24 minutes.

Revolt within the Empire’s “United Nations” asset?

Following the lead of Russia and China, member countries of the UN General Assembly are standing up against the aggressive policies of the Nazi Empire. Member states of the Shanghai Co-operation Organization (SCO) are perhaps only the first in a potentially growing number of states which are taking Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s advice* to revolt against the dictatorial reign of the Security Council and the long line of Nazi puppets (including Kofi Annan and Ban Ki Moon) heading the UN Secretariat and who don’t represent their interests.
Gaddafi’s advice The entire speech with Englsh overlay is available here.

“At [the] UN, More Than One Third of the World Refuses to Endorse the Saudi-Qatari Call for Open Season on Syria; Mass Strikes in Saudi and Bahrain;
Still No Sign of Bandar” — Webster Tarpley’s website

Posted on YouTube(c) on Aug 4, 2012 by . Length is 7 minutes.


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